Hi I'm Mondanzo

A Game Engineer in progress from Hamburg.

This progressbar shows how far I'm in my apprenticeship.

About Me

Moin! I'm Karl, known as Mondanzo online. I'm a S4G School for Games student on my way to become a Game Engineer. I code a lot but also like to be artsy with it. Besides coding I enjoy video production too! Visual Effects, Compositioning, Animating, all of these topics spark interest in me.

My Code Stats

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Graduation from Middle School


With a pretty decent result I continued trying to get my next degree but ultimately failed. Lectures during Covid were really a terrible time. Instead of retrying again and again I decided to quit my school all together and continue my journey on the School for Games S4G.

Attending the S4G School for Games

2022 - 2024

At the School for Games (S4G) I learned to work in teams and create projects. Additionally I got teached in the basics of creating 3D Game Art and the basics of Game Design.

Work Experiences

Working as an IT Administrator

2022 - ongoing

Projects I worked on

In this steampunk themed endless runner, you explore a long forgotten mine and pierce your way deeper through the tunnels with a gigantic drill machine. But beware: the tunnel is collapsing behind you! Gather resources, craft upgrades and keep your drill running before you get buried. Oh, and say hello to old George Crocker if you meet him.

Key Features

  • Level Generation
  • Upgrade System
  • Resource Management
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A 2.5D Platformer Sidescroller set in a botanic world and a blooming protagonist fighting back against corrupted insects. Use various crystal themed abilities to march on against the hords of enemies, collect soul shards of your friends long gone and save your world.

Key Features

  • Platformer Obstacles
  • Abilities
  • Enemy AI
  • 3D Environment
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Game Programming

Gameplay Programming

Shader Programming

Tools Programming

Procedural Generation

FMOD Integration